Taxpayers are reminded that property tax is due and payable each year, on or before June 30th.

NB All property bills with arrears, must first be queried at the Customer Service Section, before payment is made. Property bills without arrears should be taken directly to the Cashier Section for payment.




All vehicle owners whose licence plate ends with 1, must renew their vehicle licence before January 31st. Similarly, if your vehicle licence plate ends with 2, you must renew your vehicle licence before February 29th to avoid interest charges and ticketing fees..



All insurance companies are reminded that a statement showing the number of policies issued, the value of every policy and any other information required by the Accountant General must accompany the registration fee remittance and the insurance premium remittance. The forms can be found under Form & Guides tab then click on Tax Returns.



An applicant for a drivers licence must first be issued with a Learner’s Authority (permit) from the Inland Revenue Department. The applicant must be at least seventeen (17) years of age at the time of the application. You must have Proof of age (i.e.: passport, birth certificate or social security card). A Learners Authority is valid until the 31st December in each year. If the Learners Authority is received after July 1st in any given calendar year, the fee is reduced by fifty percent (50%). An individual learning to drive must have a valid learners permit and be accompanied by a licenced driving instructor. The cost of the Learner Authority for one year is EC $ 62.50. On the 1st day of July the fee is reduced to EC $ 31.25.

When the applicant is ready to take the driving tests, they must schedule a time with the Licensing Authority to take the written exam. Having passed the written exam you will then be scheduled for a driving (road) test with an examining officer. On successful completion of the driving test, a Certificate of Competency is issued and must be collected from the Inland Revenue Department, where after payment of the required fees, the drivers licence is issued.

To obtain a drivers licence you must first present:

• A valid learners authority,
• Two (2) pieces of ID (i.e.: passport, social security card, national identification card).
• Other supporting documents may be required.

It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle without a valid drivers licence. A Certificate of Competency is not a licence to drive.

  • Taxable entities and individuals are reminded that all documents are to be kept for a period of 6 years. Approval must be granted by the Comptroller for earlier disposal of the same.