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BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, APRIL 14, 2023 – The Inland Revenue Department (The Department) is upgrading its tax administration system and requires the immediate assistance of the tax paying public to ensure that the new system is updated with accurate and relevant data. To achieve this goal, The Department has launched a data clean up and validation exercise.

All Taxpayers, including, holders of driver licenses, owners of vehicles, property and businesses be they small, medium or large are encouraged to partner with The Department to update and/or validate their taxpayer information in one of the three ways outlined below.

  1. Telephone: Taxpayers will receive calls from The Department. A list of designated numbers that are being used during the cleanup and validation exercise are available on Inland Revenue’s Website ( and Facebook page for authentication.
  2. Field Visits: Government Departments and Institutions as well as Businesses will be visited by officers of The Department. Officers shall interact with both business owners and employees to solicit and verify the required information.
  3. Walk-In: Taxpayers conducting business at The Department shall be asked to update and validate their taxpayer information.

Taxpayers shall be required to provide personal and/or business details, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone numbers. Each taxpayer shall also be required to provide proof of address and two pieces of government issued IDs other than the driver license, to confirm their tax account information.

The Department also wishes to advise that it is also verifying the transaction data of taxpayers to ensure that account balances are accurate.

For questions and or clarification taxpayers are invited to contact the Inland Revenue Department.

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The Inland Revenue Department is charged with administering the tax laws of the Federation in an efficient and equitable manner, to promote voluntary compliance to maximize Revenue for the development of the Federation at the least cost to the public and in a
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